Sources of Energy

Centuries ago mankind discovered the use of energy to make life and work easier. Energy helps make machines and equipments function and also provide light to our home and surrounding. As years passed by, many sources of energy were discovered and now utilized by many of us. Some homeowners are now independent from power electric companies because they now get energy from their own source.

Here are some of the basic sources of energy that we should know:

Nuclear Power
- Nuclear power was discovered and started by Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman in 1938 through nuclear fission splitting the uranium atom. The basic principle of atomic fission or nuclear fission is that through the collision of atomic nuclei with one another inside a chamber a large amount of reaction is created. This reaction creates an enormous amount of heat which can generate steam that is used to run turbo generators creating the much needed energy. The main component of nuclear power plant is uranium and one advantage that we can talk about with regards to nuclear energy is it is much cheaper to produce compared to other sources. It is also considered to be much cleaner than fossil fuel electrical power plant.

The main reason why environmental groups like green peace oppose the nuclear power is because of its radioactive waste. This waste which is very hazardous to mankind is considered to be the most negative part of nuclear energy and must be dealt accordingly.

Fossil Energy
- Fossil Energy is the burning of fossil remains that also produces large amount of heat and by combining it with water it produces enormous amount of steam which automatically drives turbine generator, creating electrical energy for us to use. Fossil remains are produced over a million years from decaying animals and plants. Its main ingredient is carbon, the higher the carbon content of the fossil fuel the better its burning capacity. Unfortunately, this kind of energy source is considered to be the number one producer of greenhouse effect which mainly contributes to global warming and thought to be the major reason of climate change.

Hydroelectric energy
- Hydroelectric energy is the energy produced by running water which drives water turbine connected on an electrical generator. The higher the water pressure the better its turning effect on the water turbine. This kind of energy is considered to be one of the cleanest but unfortunately not one of the cheapest. In creating hydroelectric power plant, a vast amount of land is required and flooded to create a strong quality dam. A lot of construction materials are also needed. One big challenge that hydroelectric power plant faces is drought, less water in the dam means less energy it can produce.

Alternative energy
- Alternative energy is one of the newest forms of energy. It is described as endless and is considered the most environment friendly source of energy. Alternative energy includes wind and solar energy. The wind energy uses the wind to drive the wind turbine turning the power generator which produces electrical energy. There are some states in the country that use the wind energy in a large scale. On the other hand, the solar energy can be considered the most efficient form of energy. It uses the power coming from the sun. Solar panels are used to gather heat from the sun and transform it into electrical energy. A lot of homes now use alternative energy as a source of power which makes them now independent from power generating plants.